Information to take to a Loan Application Interview

1. Full names & birthdates of Buyers

2. Buyers’ social security numbers & home phone numbers

3. Current address.  If renting, name of Landlord, his address & amount of rent.  If buying, mortgage broker or bank, payment amount, account number of mortgage.

4. If at present address less than 2 years, former address

5. Present employer's name, address, and phone number, length of employment, position, salary with that company.

6. Previous employers and addresses if at present job less than 2 years.

7. Self-employed: bring 2 years of tax returns, financial statements and balance sheets.

8. All other income:  source, amount and length of time you expect to receive other income.

9. Bank Account Info: what type, balances, account numbers, addresses of banks?

10. Other assets:  stocks, bonds, etc. and their value.

11. Autos:  Make model, approximate value.

12. Personal Property, value of.

13. Real estate owned: how much you own.  If you rent out property, how much you receive in rental income.

14. Life insurance:  Cash surrender value.

15. Debts: How much you owe? Each account number (credit cards, etc.) and the balances.

16. Do you pay child support or alimony?  (Divorce decree.  May not count child support if child is 16 or 17 years old.)       
17. Current loan mortgage information

18. Explain any negative credit reports

19. If applying for a VA loan, DD 214 – Certificate of Eligibility will be required

20. Be prepared to pay for credit report, loan application and appraisal fee up front.  The loan officer should be able to give you the amount in advance.

21. Copy of the Purchase Contract if agreed to and signed

Some loans require most recent statements from all bank accounts, recent job paycheck stubs and last 2-3 years of tax returns.