Steps to Buying Property in North Carolina

Talk to your Buyers agent about how you plan to finance your purchase;   if you need a referral to a lender, your agent can help. Consider your time line for moving.

Meet with a mortgage professional to "pre-qualify" or "pre-approve" you.  Once you know how much you CAN borrow, evaluate what you WANT to spend and what kind of loan you are comfortable with.  You are the consumer and there are choices.

Tour properties and compare neighborhoods.  Review your criteria against the available properties.  Evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.  Are your preferences realistic?

Select the property that best meets your needs and budget.  Your agent will help you write an offer that gives you the best opportunity to be successful and negotiate any counter offers from the Seller.

Inspect the home by choosing the right professionals for structural, pest, well water quality, septic system integrity, and any other appropriate inspections.  Negotiate the repairs, if needed.  (See "Questions and Answers on Home Inspections").

Apply for the loan.  Request an estimate of closing costs.  (See "Information to Take to a Loan Application Interview”)

Hire an attorney.  He or she will perform a title search, arrange for the title insurance, and order a survey, if requested.

Purchase a homeowners insurance policy and Notify utilities providers (See “Setting Up Your Utilities”).

Review the closing statement prepared by the attorney and obtain a certified check made out to the closing attorney's trust account.

Walk through the property prior to closing with your agent.

Sign the loan documents.
Get the keys and........Celebrate!!