Why Work with Me to Buy a Home?

Why Work with Us to Buy a Home? 
What makes Chapel Hill and Carrboro special is not necessarily self-evident. Here you might drive by a place every day and have no idea what actually is going on behind those doors. Well we do.  The local charms are nuanced and our 20+ years in area real estate let us show you your new favorite places right now so you will feel at home.  Appraisers can discuss home values, Public Works can tell you about municipal services,  the County will tell you what your taxes are.  But a good real estate agent can help you plug into the side of your community that enriches life, that make it feel like home.

Buying a home is a major commitment that calls for your informed decision, based in part on our experience, knowledge, judgment and guidance.  As your REALTOR®, we do more...much more...then you may think.
We will work with you as a Buyer Agent, representing you and only your interests in the transaction. While our Firm does practice Dual Agency, if that potential conflict were to arise, your agent will still be designated as your Buyer Agent under the umbrella of Franklin St Realty, helping you to purchase the best home on the best terms for you.
Everyone can research real estate online these days, far in advance of ever crossing a threshold. However, as a member of the Triangle Multiple Listing Service we can refine and tailor a search beyond what you can do through the various public search engines.  By the way, we do not steer clients to our own offerings.

We have relationships with proven professionals in lending, inspections, insurance, attorneys and all kinds of trades people so you don't have to waste your valuable time finding these resources on your own.
We will assist you in developing a reasonable offer to purchase and will facilitate negotiation of an agreement that is satisfactory to both you and the seller.  If the property under consideration is a Short Sale,  we will help you navigate that particular process. 
We deal with the changing complexity of the home-buying process on a DAILY basis and we know where the potholes in the road are.  Regulatory missteps in the recent past have made homebuying much more difficult than it was prior to 2008.
We will be with you throughout the entire home-buying experience, and it doesn't stop at closing.  (think Realtor for life)